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HEY! I'm Sammy, thank you for visting Wolfnoodle! I originally started up this little venture a few years back after I discovered an interest in doll making! (anyone remember?!) I loved sourcing the vintage fabrics that I used to make them with, loved dreaming up the ideas and seeing them come to life but in the end, I actually HATED making them, in all truth, I'm quite terrible at sewing!! My true passion will always lie with drawing/painting and if you follow along with me on Instagram you'll have maybe noticed that I'm quite the enthusiast when it comes to anything decor/interior styling related!

I love being inspired by the creative family homes that I have come across over the years on both Instagram and Pinterest, I knew from the offset that I wanted to create something that would look at home in those very spaces. I believe it is so important to build a happy space with plenty of colour and pattern, a home that can lift your spirits after a bad day and one that children can not just have fun in but be inspired by daily. 

Each of my prints start their journey as original acrylic paintings, my favourite part of designing each character is of course picking out colours that compliment each other so whether you are after something for your child's bedroom / playroom or whether you're a little like me and enjoy pops of colour in every room of the house then take a look around!

Much love